Realtor Referral

Send us your property management business!

Are you selling properties to investors that need management? Let us handle the headaches of property management so you can spend more time doing what you do best - selling! In return we will pay you a 25% commission of the first months rent.

If you have a listing that won't sell, don't lose the business - refer them to us and we will professionally manage the property until they are ready to sell again, at which time we will promptly refer them back to you. Your client stays your client. We will not compete with you! Your client will thank you for referring them to a professional property management company.

We pay a referral fee for the following:

Referral of new owner for leasing/property management where we secure a management contact and place a qualified tenant in the property.

Note: All referral fees are paid within 30 days of a tenant being successfully placed in the property and Tulsa Property Group has collected the appropriate leasing commission. The referral fee will be paid to the Broker of record and real estate company.

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